Finally, it is so far, a document which is now available for every measurement agency.

More about this document, download here on the website of SKH or visit our knowledge base.

This document was created because of the many interpretations regarding the measurements made to measure. Air permeability (air density) of buildings The standards NEN 2686 and NEN EN 13829 are not comprehensive so this interpretation have arisen.

SKH-PUBLICATION 13-01 Airtightness Protocol (NL)

SKH-PUBLICATION 13-01 Airtightness Protocol (NL)

There are different types available for airtightness measurement equipment, but all with the same goal : Measuring the volume flow by the shell inward or outward is by increasing the air pressure in stages or lower then to record the flow . However, the guidelines used by different measuring agencies on how to be to get into the air permeability of a building understanding is measured differently . For example, which areas are in volume or not included in the software and what gaps need to be closed or put taped . Clarity on how the actual measurements should be carried out is not uniquely identified in the Netherlands . In this document are guidelines indicated that his approval. Multiple companies A guide that anyone who airtightness measurements along the feet can , to provide reliability and quality in terms of the knowledge and skills of you and your company . This specialty recognition

The official term is air permeability, is often spoken of airtightness. In this document, these two terms are used.


Renovation newAmsterdam building

Renovation newAmsterdam building

Renovation newAmsterdam building

Here we are very proud ! The first BREEAM renovation project with such a huge scale . We have representative part for the benefit of the BREEAM certification building section G airtightness measured with a usable area of 4182.00 sqm , loss area of ​​4,300 sqm and a capacity of 13,000 m3 . Sometimes a redevelopment like new . This certainly applies to new Amsterdam where a multipurpose building and a town square with a completely new view rises by an office renovation. It includes more than 30,500 m² of new Amsterdam -quality office space , of which 26,000 m² is leased by Nuon Energy and 4,050 sqm by Service Now. There is approximately 677 sqm of office space . In addition, a Hampton by Hilton hotel is 250 rooms and 1,200 sqm catering part of the complex. The location is very accessible (near the Station Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA ) and the building has an excellent parking ratio ( 1:61 ) . On the square are quality amenities such as restaurants with terraces and a hotel . Find businesses and organizations everything they need to make. ’s New work a success.

BREEAM certification

Part G building newAmsterdam building

Part G building newAmsterdam building

Besides the revamp of both the exterior and the interior provides the redevelopment of New Amsterdam in three key principles : transparency , multifunctionality and sustainability. This last theme is a number of ways forward. Thus , the building will soon be a Energy A ( very energy efficient ) and the property is eligible for a BREEAM ‘ very good ‘ certificate. This compares to a score of at least 55 %. 

BlowerDoors built into the newAmsterdam building

BlowerDoors built into the newAmsterdam building




Furthermore, an additional advantage that the renovation of existing offices , including New Amsterdam , almost always is more durable than new construction . The redevelopment of the new Amsterdam departed from the concept of a complete office environment . We have chosen to apply which will not only themselves but also the building area more sustainable and vibrant character . Several functions in the building instead After completion, the building will be a total gross floor area of ​​44707.8 m² , include features office , hotel and catering industry.



The construction sector in Brussels is a fun way through this movie ( measurements airtightness clear!

They say this:
“The ever more demanding regulations, the ever more profound questions of clients and designers, the three main pillars of energy efficiency (insulation, air tightness and ventilation) are already strongly on our construction sites today and they will be the norm tomorrow.”

Prepare for the future of your business depends on it!

Publicatie Luchtdicht bouwen


Comfortable , energy efficient and sustainable building are the key concepts in the current building . Airtight construction plays an important role in the comfort of the building , energy efficiency , and to preventing construction of physical problems . Airtight construction is not free of obligation , but is recorded in building performance to be . Actually realized These developments provide a growing interest in airtight construction . This field has in recent years undergone considerable development by amending legislation and calculation methods , new insights and developments in materials for airtight construction . Updating the SBR publication on airtight construction in 2009 was therefore necessary , this revised edition is the result .
The realization of this is made ​​possible thanks to the support and input from the relevant suppliers of air sealing materials . The development of this publication is supervised by a committee consisting of the following persons:

  • ing. E.J. Akershoek, Rothuizen Architecten Stedenbouwkundigen B.V.
  • M. Barendsz, Bouwen met Staal
  • A. de Boon, Tremco Illbruck
  • H.J. Bos, BlowerDoor Techniek Nederland / Thermodicht
  • G. Buitenhuis, Nederlandse Bond van Timmerfabrikanten
  • A. Buijze, BAM Woningbouw B.V.
  • A. van Dijk, Woningborg Groep
  • R. Geerligs, SBRCURnet (voorzitter)
  • L. de Haan, Dörken Benelux
  • R. de Haan, Woningborg Groep
  • H. van der Heijden, Celdex B.V.
  • L. Kemper, Siga
  • ing. P. Kuindersma, Nieman-Kettlitz Gevel – en Dakadvies B.V. (rapporteur)
  • H. Meijer, Buva
  • F. van Mieghem, Soudal N.V.
  • drs. ing. H.M. Nieman, Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V. (rapporteur)
  • ir. I. van Rooy, Saint-Gobain Isover B.V.
  • E. van Spreuwel, Soudal N.V.
  • H. Zondervan, Meuwissen Bouwproducten B.V.

SBRCURnet behalf I want to thank the committee members and the various agencies for their expert input . In particular I want to thank Peter for his efforts Kuindersma . In addition, a word of thanks in place for Bass Knoll ( TNO ) and Harry Nieman ( Nieman Consulting Engineers) . Mr. Knoll wrote the note ” Contemplation air permeability .” This knowledge in the field of pressure differences and leakage current was funded by NL Agency and forms the basis of Chapter 3 of the publication , the theoretical part about building airtight. Mr. Nieman has been responsible for writing them.

Ruud Geerligs

Download here: from the site of SBRCURNET

Cultuurhuis Winschoten

The new cultural center will soon houses a mix of culture under one roof, with a theater, a library, a school for music, dance and theater, the Local Municipality Oldambtmeer Broadcasting, a cinema and restaurants. All participants and tenants together provide a product offering that is culturally innovative, tailored to all audiences, including the amateur field. The cultural center is expected to open its doors in early 2014.

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Energielabels en werkelijk energieverbruik – bijna 200.000 woningen vergeleken.

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Maak kans op een thermografische foto verzorgd door Thermodicht !

Heb jij de leuke burenactie SpeurTOCHT al ontdekt? Daarmee ontdek je hoe goed jouw huis is geïsoleerd. En als je nu aan deze burenactie meedoet en de slagzin afmaakt, maak je ook nog eens kans op een thermografisch onderzoek van onze partner Ellen!

De Ellen SpeurTOCHTbrengt je langs verschillende plekken in jouw huis waar het misschien wel eens tocht en waar dus warmte verloren gaat. Zonde, want dat kost je onnodig veel energie! Daarom stelt Ellen ook een thermografisch onderzoek ter beschikking. Fokke Ros, van Ellen: “Met een thermografisch onderzoek krijgt de winnaar bezoek van een specialist van Thermodicht die met een infraroodcamera een warmtescan maakt van de buitenkant van de woning. Hiermee wordt in beeld gebracht waar in een woning warmte verloren gaat. Zo zie je meteen waar je in huis energiebesparingsmaatregelen kunt nemen. Naderhand worden de resultaten samengevat in een rapport en de winnaar ontvangt ook de themografische foto’s van zijn of haar huis.”

Wil jij ook kans maken op zo’n thermografisch onderzoek? Ga dan nu op SpeurTOCHT in je eigen huis en doe uiterlijk woensdag 6 februari mee aan deprijsvraag! (let op: om mee te doen aan de prijsvraag moet je deelnemer zijn van het HIER Klimaatstraatfeest en ingelogd zijn)


Hoe belangrijk is een BlowerDoor test en Thermografie nou eigenlijk ?

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FamilieDoeDagen in de gemeente Leek op 2 en 3 maart 2013.

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